pat - patd client

pat (/patd/pat.html) sends ping or traceroute commans to patd (/patd).


pat [OPTION]... [ADDRESS]...


Note: --server and --port are global, every other option affects the following adresses.

--server HOST
set the patd server address. Default: localhost
--port PORT
set the patd server port. Ddefault: 7865
-P, --ping
do a ping (default). Same as --send 3 --ttl 63
-T, --trace
do a traceroute. Same as --send 63 --ttl 0
-4, --ipv4
process only IPv4 adresses
-6, --ipv6
process only IPv6 adresses
-A, --all
process IPv4 and IPv6 adresses (default)
-a, --addresses NUM
set how many address to check for each host. Default: 0 = all
-d, --dont-fragment
don't fragment the packet (default)
-f, --fragment
allow fragmenting the packet
-l, --length NUM
set the packet data length. Min = 0, max = 32752 (0x7FF0), default = 0
-o, --timeout NUM
set the timeout for replyes in milliseconds. Min = 1, max = 2000, default = 1000
-r, --return NUM
set the ok replyes to receive. Min = 1, max = 63, default = 1
-s, --send NUM
set the number of query packet to send. Min = 1, max = 63, default = 3
-t, --ttl NUM
set the initial TimeToLive value. Min = 0, max = 63, default = 63
-h, --help
display an help message and exit
-V, --version
display version information and exit

See Also

patd (/patd)(8)