PatD: MasarLabs Ping and Traceroute Daemon

For a project I'm working on I have to ping many hosts from a Java program: I could to run Java as root or I could fork external executables like fping (, but I don't like these options, so I wrote patd (/patd). (...)

pat - patd client

pat (/patd/pat.html) sends ping or traceroute commans to patd (/patd). (...)

PatD - Ping and Traceroute Daemon for IPv4 and IPv6

patd (/patd) is a daemon to ping or traceroute remote hosts.
It is a daemon that runs without root privileges listening on a TCP port for hosts to check.
It receive commands listening on a TCP port and returns the results to the same connection.
patd (/patd) is usefull in situation where you cannot send native ICMP packet, for example from a Java program. (...)

Two factor LUKS decryption

Security tells us to use VeryLongAnd$t0ngPasswordWithStr4ng3And$pecia!Characters to crypt our LUKS ( disks, but it is very booring and error prone: in this article I'll tell you how to setup your Debian ( system to use also a short password (like a PIN) AND an USB key to decrypt the LUKS disk, without loosing any security. (...)

NoArp kernel module

MasarLabs NoArp is a Linux kernel module that filters and drops unwanted ARP requests. (...)


MSysM, MasarLabs System Monitor, is a lightweight X11 application that displays constantly updated graphs and data informations of your system. (...)


MasarLabs IDReplace replaces key tags read from a template file with the data read from a data file and generates an output file. (...)